Trading Software

Great trading software is the active trader’s main weapon, allowing you to translate ideas into trades efficiently and quickly.

Having the best tool for the job is an absolute necessity.

Great Point Capital is constantly on the lookout for best-in-class trading software for active traders.

Trading Software

For most active traders, Takion is the best-in-class solution. Developed within the last 5 years from the ground up, with input from the best daytraders in the world, Takion is the most advanced trading software on the street. Changes in the marketplace have come at a rapid pace, and require efficient and sophisticated trading software to keep up. Takion has harnessed the dramatic advances in computer processing power, communications speed and trading support technology to become the leading trading software platform available today.

Key attributes of great trading software:


For algorithmic traders, Takion provides an API to write plugins that work within the software, so you can use all the power of Takion’s GUI along with your trading logic.


Takion gives you every quote and print as it comes, not snapshots, so you can really feel the market move. With true multithreading technology, Takion can handle the complexity of everything the modern trader needs to see and do with his trading platform.

Order Types: 

Takion provides access to all exchanges with the full range of order types, including the newest exchange, IEX. In addition, Takion gives you access to algorithms offered by firms like Clearpool, PDQ, CreditSuisse, and Speedroute to provide even more tools to find liquidity when you want it most.


Takion lets you create your own orders and link them to hotkeys or clickable buttons, so you have full control over how you send orders to the market. Used by some of the best traders in the world, Takion listens to those traders and builds in all the functionality you need to get the most out of your trading.


We know traders can be very picky about what they see on their screens – it is their main tool that they use all day long, so it needs to be optimized for their particular style. Takion gives you full control over fonts, columns, windows, etc., so if you haven’t traded on Takion before, it’s easy to make the switch to more powerful software without having to retrain your brain or your eyes to your screen.

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