Remote Trading

Great Point Capital supports remote trading for both proprietary and customer accounts.

Trade from anywhere that has a fast reliable internet connection and a good computer.

Remote Trading

One of the perks of being a trader is that you can do it from anywhere with a good internet connection. If you can’t come to our offices in Chicago or Austin, remote trading from home is the next best option.

The most important thing to remember with remote trading is discipline. There are a lot of distractions at home that can pull you away from the markets, and the less time you are watching markets, the less you are learning and the less prepared you will be when profitable moves happen. Make sure to set up your home office just like a regular office, with separation from the rest of the house, and treat it just like you would going to work in an office.

Remote trading also takes more active engagement to find trades. With a group of traders in an office, there is a natural energy and discussion that keeps you involved. At home it is easy to get tunnel vision when there is no one there to bounce ideas off of or get a read on how other traders are handling a particular trading environment. Make sure to keep up connections with other traders and research new ideas daily.

What do I Need To Start Remote Trading?

You will need to provide your own computer setup and internet access. It is worth spending a little more on both these items, since this is how you make money. Missing a few trades because your internet is down, or your old computer can’t keep up with the market, will cost you more than upgrading these items.
Hardware: We can give you some recommendations on what to buy, but essentially a good processor and lots of RAM are key. If you run multiple monitor setups, investing in a good video card is also worth the price.

Internet: Get as much downstream bandwidth as you can. Market data can fluctuate wildly, and those times of peak bandwidth are generally also the best times to trade. You don’t want to be stuck with a slow connection when markets are moving.


Does remote trading put me at a disadvantage?

In offices like ours in Chicago and Austin, you have custom computers taking data from dedicated servers via business-class switches over high-bandwidth dedicated fiber-optic cables. In that sense, trading from home is not going to be as fast or as efficient as our office environment. However, home technology and connectivity has come a long way, so you should easily be able to run high-end software like Takion without significant issues. GPC has many profitable traders who work from home without issues.

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