Proprietary Trading

Proprietary traders using the company’s capital have always been the backbone of Great Point Capital.

Our mission is finding and developing great traders – and giving them the tools to be successful.

Proprietary Trading

If trading is your career, Great Point Capital is the prop trading firm for you. GPC provides its proprietary traders with the capital, support, and structure every great trader needs.


Trade in our offices in Chicago or Austin, or remotely from anywhere with internet access. Trade by hand or develop an automated strategy. The choice is yours.


Professional traders require professional grade software. Takion is the newest trading platform, built by traders to meet the demanding needs of active traders. Takion only partners with prop trading firms that have the infrastructure and personnel to support it, and GPC is one of the few firms with the expertise to take full advantage of its capabilities.


With one of the largest capital bases among prop trading firms, GPC can provide the resources for you to make the most of your trading.

Stock Loan:

Our clearing firm, Wedbush, has one of the largest lists of easy-to-borrow stocks on the street, and we partner with other firms that specialize in finding hard-to-borrow names to give you the widest selection of stocks to trade.

Payouts and benefits: 

In addition to aggressive payouts, GPC offers its registered proprietary traders access to our group health care plan through BlueCross BlueShield.

What is Proprietary trading?

Proprietary trading involves the use of the firm’s capital, allowing you to exercise leverage that would usually be limited to your personal resources. In exchange, the firm receives a portion of the gains.

Successful proprietary traders possess a unique combination of foresight, instinct, analytic capability and constant desire to learn. Tirelessly researching opportunities and evaluating trends, traders employ strategies built upon intense study and understanding of market dynamics.

Should I be a proprietary trader?

For any successful trader, proprietary trading can be an opportunity to expand potential earnings, reduce personal risk, enhance trading skills, and be associated with other experienced top-notch traders.

As an example, if you trade in a personal account with a balance of $100,000, your max positions are limited to $400,000 intraday, half that for overnights. If you are currently making $40,000/year, joining a proprietary trading firm can magnify those results. That same $100,000, contributed as capital to a proprietary trading firm, can get you up to $4 million in buying power. Assuming your strategies can be scaled, the same trading style can produce $400,000 in Net P&L. Even after the firm takes a 10% cut, you are left with $360,000/year, 9x what you could do on your own. Another option would be to only contribute $50,000 in capital, freeing up the other $50,000 to use for personal liquidity. You would have less at risk and still be able to produce gains 450% better than you could on your own.

Great Point Capital Proprietary Trading Requirements

Always seeking successful traders with consistent track records for gains, Great Point provides excellent opportunities for proprietary trading.

A candidate’s trading history should reflect consistent gains, even if they are small. Proven discipline and knowledge are the key attributes.

Since Great Point is a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), traders must pass the Series 57 Securities Trader Examination to qualify. Great Point Capital will sponsor qualified candidates for the exam, which is made up of 125 multiple choice questions and requires a 70% accuracy to pass. Also, a $10,000 capital contribution is required to start. Prop traders will operate as self-employed Class B LLC entities.

Benefits of Proprietary Trading at Great Point Capital

For those with solid trading experience who are ready to move to a higher level, a proprietary trading opportunity can elevate your earnings potential to a higher level.


Work from our offices in Chicago or Austin, or remotely from any location you choose.

Tech Support: 

GPC’s experienced team is there to support you every step of the way, harnessing the power of Takion, a state-of-the-art trading platform that delivers real-time market data and analytical tools.


As a Great Point trader, you will be working with some of the most experienced trading professionals in the industry.

Trader Services: 

To execute short strategies, GPC has access to a broad inventory of some of the hardest to borrow stocks. GPC also accesses all pools of liquidity, including dark pools and algorithms, giving you the best chance to execute your strategies.

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