What You Really Need to Know about Trading Bitcoin

What You Really Need to Know about Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been a hot topic in the trading community the past few months, with spectacular runups in the price for Bitcoin and a whole host of alt-Coins.  We could write for days on what Bitcoin is, or we could spout another article contributing to the FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out), but we would like to get right into the trading-related stuff and tell you what you really need to know about trading Bitcoin.   (more…)

Why You Should Dump Your Online Broker

Once you understand the very important differences between online brokers and professional trading firms, you will realize why you should dump your online broker!

Online brokers such as Ameritrade, ScotTrade, Fidelity and many others are the gateway to the stock market for most people.  For savvy investors with larger balances or an active trading style, however, there are definitely better options that you should be aware of.  

Weighing In on Trade-At Rule


stocks trending upMany factors and opinions come into play when discussing the need for a Trade-at Rule, but most agree it warrants evaluating.   Practices such as Payment for Order Flow (POF) are causing Traders, Exchanges and Regulators to review the current market structure and consider implementing a Trade-at Rule, while traders are still fighting for market share.    (more…)